About Us

Historical background

(Portable Mobile LED Work Light) (Magnetic Tray) (Magnetic Holder) (Magnetic Rack) (Magnetic Tool)

EVER-SHINY was established in July 1976 located in Taipei Taiwan as a specialized maker in

"Magnetic Tool",

and is especially famous for "Telescopic Pickup Tools" .

Due to past abundant experiences in producing "Pick-up Tools:,we expanded the varienties

of our products.And in May 1977,the firm was finally named EVER-SHINY PRODUCTS CORP.

We have cooperated with



KTC and TOP in Japan etc. for years.

ESPCO was founded in Taiwan,manufacturing not only"Magmetic Tools:,but also"Magnetic Trays".

In addition, ESPCO serves as a R&D and OEM supplier.

After years of continuous elaboration and improvement.

ESPCO owns integrated production lines,and upgrading quility .

Currently,we provide related information & samples of various hand tools for exporter

to attend international famous"Tool,Hardware&Auto"shoes.

We are proud of the wide varieties of ESPCO Magnetic Tray & Tools"

which have been marketed worldwide.

company's policy

Motto NO.1 To sell on merits and value rather than prices.

Motto NO.2 Reasonable profits ensure quality and successive R&D.

Motto NO.3 Professional image in "Magnetic Field".

Our motto lead postive reflections:

EVER-SHINY markets quality products through responsible distributors,

importers and whosaler of tool equipments.

EVER-SHINY products only"magnetic"tools and/or equipments.

EVER-SHINY is proud to sell quality products with ESPCO mark;the dealers are proud to deal;

the users are proud to us.

make of quality

Genuine EVER-SHINY Magnetic Tray and Tools are manufactured with most care

to ensure quality of materials and workmanship.Each products is throughly inspected before shipment.

To ensure customer satisfaction,we guarantee all our products with perfect materials and workmanship.

EVER-SHINY products are stamped and/or printed with the Trade Mark ESPCO. www.espco.com.tw magnetic LED work light mobile LED work Light Portable LED work Light
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